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PS- What year did you graduate from PSC? I got my bachelors there in 2008. I also taught there for a few years more recently.
My plan was to get my EET degree from PSC and then go to Potsdam and get my bachelors in Biology (and then ?). I would end up abandoning that career path after my first year at PSC. That was in 1998/99.

I wound up going into Mechanical Engineering and got my degree in that instead. Now I work for the evil auto industry and actually spend about half my time in an engine lab exposed to oil

I'd rather it be in our labs than in the lakes though.

On the good side my job is entirely related to R&D in fuel economy and emissions devices for vehicles.

Although I will admit no manufacturer does any of that out of the kindness of their heart. It is politics and economics that drive everything...

I visited PSC last year. I was surprised at how much it has changed since I was there. Seems like it has grown quite a bit.

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