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Originally Posted by Old Rivers View Post
I used the term,"Far left" to describe those groups that refuse to compromise or give an inch. ATV's seem to be the only use left out of "multi use". Lands are purchased by NYS taxpayers for all to use responsibly.
All too often the term "far left" or "tree huggers" is used as a derisive description of one who simply disagrees. That's why it's best left out of any reasonable and civil debates.

FWIW, here is myopinion on ATV's. I just don't like them. Of course, I don't like snow mobiles or motorized boats either. Not when I'm in the back country. It's fine where they are needed to transport things over long distances in remote places or rough terrain.

HAving said thay, I am not "far left" or "Anti ATV. I believe that those who enjoy the ATV's should have places where they can enjoy them. And I believe that there are many places where they could be used and I think that we should all support their endeavors to open up appropriate places. On the other hand I think that the motorized crowd should also respect and upport those who want to go to places where there are o motorized vehicles.

Sometimes the motorized crowd can be their own worst enemies. There have been incidents where the ATV crowd has shown up en/mas at public hearings and been antagonistic and threatening (by demeanor) to the others attending the meeting. Many also give the appearance that they are not satisfied with having some places to ride them, but feel that they have a right under the constitution t be free to ride them every where with no regard for anyone else. Montana and Wyoming has thousands of miles of ATV and Snowmobile trails, yet they insist on all of Yellowstone be open to them as well.

So, that is the image that has been created in many peoples minds of ATV owners. Even if a minority that acts in a bad way, the stink \falls on the whle community. Partly because when there is destruction, other ATV owners won't step up and report the culprits and police themselves. And won't step up at pulic meetings when the "meeting Nazis" use their tactics and tell them to stop and that they don't represent the ATV community as a whole.

It might also help it the ATV community convince the manufacturers and dealers that advertisements showing the ATV's ripping up the terrain is not helping the cause.

So, there is what I see as the problem. If those things could be addressed, there might be more support for more ATV trails. As a caveat however, I would add tat I would never be in avor of ATV's in a wilderness area or wild forest. Even when it seems an area is not "being utilized" it' deceiving. Although there may not be any human activity, there will be an abundance of wildlife and plant activity which is one of the reasons we want to designate these areas as wild.

In the post aove, Bill makes he same argument that I have made on this forum before. No ones rights are being denied. Everyone has the right to use the wild forests and wilderness. They just cn't drive certain vehicles in there. Same applies to Yellowstone.
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