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Bear Pond Hunting Club

Here is an exerpt from the Blue Ridge Wilderness Plan dated 2006. It's been a while since I was back into the hunting camp, so your info regarding the existence of actual buildings may be accurate. The "Plan" however indicates they still have access until the year 2022.


Bear Pond Sportsmen’s Club: In 1987 the Bear Pond Sportsmen’s Club, Inc. sold their
land to the State, subject to a 35-year use reservation on a 10-acre and a one-acre parcel
with camp buildings in Lot 4, Township 5, T&C Purchase, along with a right-of-way for
ingress and egress. The reservation expires on March 26, 2022. In a 1967 Supreme Court
decision, the club’s legal right-of-way was determined to follow a route beginning on
State Route 28 near the Eighth Lake Campground, proceeding along the old Uncas Road,
then what was known as the Old Carnahan Road. The club has an easement for a road
segment, beginning and ending on the Old Carnahan Road, known as the “St. James
Mountain cutoff,” which was conveyed to the club in 1976 by the Trustees of the Emilie
M. Bullowa Memorial Endowment for Camp Bullowa Trust–then owners of Camp
Uncas–to allow the club to avoid a steep section of the club’s original right-of-way. This
easement is When the State acquired the club’s land, an inspection of the club’s legal
ROW revealed that the work needed to rehabilitate the road at the time would be
substantial, and its use could have significant environmental impacts. Therefore, the
parties entered into an agreement allowing club members and guests to drive from
Sagamore Road to Mohegan Lake Road, then past a gate and on along Bear Pond Road to
the use reservation areas. The Department annually issues the club a temporary revocable
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