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Originally Posted by geogymn View Post
Tis the season to order trees through the state or county. Anybody going to give it a go? How hard could it be to plant 10 seedlings? Take a youngster out there and let them become intimate with the earth, together let their roots struggle to find substance and balance in this crazy world, let them grow up together, let them find refuge with each other's wants and cares. Let a tree become family, and only family matters.
Excellent idea.. But I have the opposite problem. Hemlock, beech , maple and eastern white pine crowd my property.. I need to remove many of them so that they do not grow up to be spindly. Eastern white pine needs the overstory removed to promote growth.

We have two acres and a couple thousand trees.. Google Earth does not show my house for the dense forest.

It could be hard for me to plant something neat like even one chestnut sapling. We cannot even plant bulbs for the roots of all the trees.

Grass and weeds are foreign to me!
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