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Originally Posted by RipVanWinkle View Post
My first season really hunting was this year and I got out twice.
First hunt was a guided hunt in the 5 Ponds where we covered probably close to 40 miles in 3 days and saw only about 4 sets of tracks the whole time.
My 2nd time out was this past Saturday in the Black River Wild Forest where I definitely saw more tracks but I could not catch up to anything.

It's tough going out there, it almost feels futile at times especially when time is as limited as mine. I give you guys a lot of credit for having any success out there.

But I'll take the grind of covering miles and miles up here and seeing nothing than sitting in a stand.

If anyone recommends a guide that works in the SW ADK please let me know, I may plan on hiring one again next year- otherwise I'm out there trying to teach myself which isnt easy.

Good luck to everyone.
Experience is time spent doing.

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