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Originally Posted by DSettahr View Post
Do you have/use picasa? With picasa, you can sort, tag, caption, edit and upload your photos all in the same program...
DSettahr, yep i have it and yep I didn't read the directions and yep i'm a lazy boy. One of these days when I have the time I'll figure it out. Hmmmm, that might be a great excuse to tell me wife why I have to go back next weekend, thx.

Stripperguy, yep mine is with the spray skirt. I got talked into buying one, what the heck I'm helping out the economy. That's so funny that we have the exact same shot at different times, so that's the Sewards? My hiking days are very few now because of one bad knee (good knee was replaced ) but I don't want to go through that operation again, so it looks like i'm gonna get the viewsfromthebottom! VFTB
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