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Raquette River 4/12-13/12

Went with my buddy Ray to pick up his new Rapidfire from Joe in Lake Placid on Wednesday. We camped out at Axton Landing that night, temps were cool and drizzling on and off. Next morning we paddled upstream to the lower falls, had a snack and hiked over to the upper falls. Ray is doing some trail work for the NFCT this summer so he wanted to get an idea of the area. We paddled back with the current and got back to our site in half the time it took us to get there. While we paddled we experienced almost every type of weather change, sun, rain, sleet, hail, wind. Every 10 minutes something else happened. That night it was really clear and the stars looked amazing.

Next morning, brrrrr chilly with frost around the area. Ray's thermometer said the temps were in the 20's. Boy would that change in a few hours (hot around 65F, sun burnt face ). We loaded up the boats and went off into Stoney Creek, what a wonderful meandering paddle. I ended up showing him the wrong take out and luckily a driver on the road told us to go back and turn left at the island and look for the take out there. Once we found it we took a 5 min break and paddled back to Axton. Go figure the wind was at our face and the current in the lake felt like I was paddling in heavy syrup, just going slowly nowhere. Once we got into Stony Creek all was well and we were back at Axton loading up. We saw the ranger pull his boat in and then we saw a state trooper suv hauling a boat that was parked at Axton. Fantastic time, can't wait to continue our ADK adventures. Total driving mileage was app 800 miles, we paddled for app 16 miles...priceless! Hope to get pics up soon!.....David
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