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Cell Phone reception in the Adirondacks

please don't turn this into a heated discussion about cell phones and hiking.

My cell phone is not healthy and will need to be replaced. I hate to do it because it means signing up for a new plan and I've got a real cheap one from about five years ago. Many months I use all of seven minutes, but with a teenager driving, soon going away to college(where land lines aren't even used anymore) it seems time to bite the bullet and move on.

Since I have to purchase a new plan I can also choose a new carrier if I want.

In central New York it doesn't matter whether it's Verizon or Cingular. But other parts of the state there can be quite a difference in coverage.

I was recently with someone quite a ways in kayaking and I was flabbergasted that they got signal. Verizon.

I'd like to know where and what carrier folks have that have worked in the Adirondacks. Any and all areas please since I spend time all over the place.

Acadia, I'll have to do a bit more research on. Remember I usually spend two weeks up there every year, so this is not a hiking tool, it's a way to be able to be gotten hold of by family and check up on my house etc.

PM me if you'd rather keep your usage of places and carrier private.

Thanks guys. I'd just like to make a good decision before I lock into a two year plan.
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