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I have no plans to ride in the area, but I sent Region 5 the following email just now, because I agree that the overall guidance from DEC is a bit vague:


I have seen discussions on line of bicycle use on Gulf Brook Road, riding to Boreas Ponds. I have no plans to ride in the area, but people are curious as to whether this notice from April is still current:

Boreas Ponds Tract
•While DEC develops an interim recreation plan, access to the tract will be limited to foot traffic only beyond the closed gate. Motor vehicles, bikes and horses are prohibited. (4/15)

or whether it is superseded by this notice (on a different page) from May, which suggests that as a "non-motorized means" bicycles would be allowed:

May 2016: Governor Cuomo announced that the 20,758-acre purchase of the Boreas Ponds Tract caps acquisition of 69,000 acres of lands from The Nature Conservancy. DEC is in the process of developing interim plans to provide trails, parking lots and waterway access sites for public use in the summer. With this announcement, the public may access and recreate on the lands and waters by non-motorized means only while a full management plan is developed.

Can you clarify this?


I will let you know what response I get.
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