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There are a multitude of choices depending on the range you want. We use RINO gps's with FRS radio built in. You can increase the wattage and hence range by 4-fold (I think) by paying a modest fee and using a different channel (already built in). With the RINOs you can actually see on your GPS screen where the other person is when you make contact.

Far, far cheaper would be to go to Walmart and pick up a pair or more of hand-held FRS radios. I think they would have the same performance as our RINOs. The FRS wattage specifies one mile line of sight but we have had excellent reception, summit to summit from Whiteface to Gothics. The radios work poorly if there is a radio wave-opaque obstacle between them. FRS means family radio service and is restricted to 0.5 watts I believe. You can also look into Marine Band radios. Hopefully someone more knowledgeble than I will contribute to the subject. Thread drift is welcome!
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