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Originally Posted by redhawk View Post
The religion of Arrogance
Doing more with less and decreasing throughputs is the religion of arrogance?

I don't see us all plowing fields with horse-drawn plows. Things like computer controlled in-ground drip by drip irrigation tubes and super efficient solar collectors are going to be used increasingly and will only get more efficient as the years advance. That's technology not arrogance. Technology began when the first proto-human picked up a club and clobbered his supper with it. Or, why not when the first cell captured the energy in an excited magnesium electron from a chorophyll molecule and used it to split water.

World population won't stabilize and begin decreasing til 2050 according to the folks who wrote Limits to Growth (their 30 year update is a good read). Most of the worlds standard of living only has one way to go-up. Doing more with less to improve standards of living sustainably can only be achieved with technology. Not quick and dirty techno-fixes.
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