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My "Happy Place", WLWF, 2 May, 2018

It's been a while since I've been to the Great South Woods and even longer since I've been to my "Happy Place" in the Wilcox Lake Wild Forest. While it snowed just two days ago, today's temps were pushing 80 as I started up the very soft seasonal road.

The road gained a little elevation as it passed through a saddle between two hills. This is where I turned off into the woods and began my bushwhack.

The open hardwoods were a joy to walk through. The sun and heat caused me to slow down a little bit as I gained elevation. Along the way, I passed some beautiful vernal pools. The pools were teaming with salamanders and croaking minke frogs. Absolutely amazing!

As I climbed up through the hardwoods, views opened up to the east. Some distant hills were readily discernible.

Approaching the wooded summit of this small hill from the northeast, the shade of the hemlocks looked inviting in the midday heat.

Working my way through the only slightly cooler hemlock grove, the first vista soon came into view. Looking southwest, I could clearly see the snow on the distant peaks in the Silver Lake Wilderness Area.

After soaking up this view, I moved a couple hundred feet to another set of ledges.

These ledges faced west, overlooking the pond and some more distant snow covered peaks reaching over 3000'.

After hanging out on these ledges and rehydrating, it was soon time to head back down the hill for a cold beer. I've come to these ledges in all seasons since I was a little boy and I am never disappointed by the vista. It truly is my "Happy Place".
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