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I haven't backpacked your exact route, but I've covered it in the course of a few separate backpack trips. Have you backpacked other trails in the High Peaks? I ask because my first backpack trip in the High Peaks was from the AMR parking lot over Noonmark and Dix to camp at Slide Brook, then around Elk Lake the next day to hike over Blake (had to skip Colvin) and Sawteeth, and out. I was used to backpacking 20 - 25 miles per day on the Appalachian Trail and similar trails, and would often backpack 15-20 miles in the Whites. However, I cut my expectations in half when I did the hike I mention above due to the rugged terrain, and it was a smart choice. The first day was about 12-13 miles and I felt quite good when we got into camp. The next day too.

So I think a lot depends on your experience in the High Peaks. If this is your first time, it might be too much. But if you've done other hikes and want more of a challenge, then I'd say start EARLY, pace yourself, and (as TCD recommended) pack light (without sacrificing anything essential). Also, have a contingency plan just in case it's tougher than you expected.
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