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Originally Posted by runslikeajohndeere View Post
Are these lean-tos still in existence?
Yes. Since I've made that post, the National Geographic Map has been updated to show some of them.

The Lean-tos are as follows:

Upper St. Regis: Located partway down the east shore of northwest bay, not far from the canoe carry to the St. Regis River.

Honeymooner's: Located along the canoe carry on Marvin Pond, midway between Northwest Bay and the St. Regis River.

St. Regis River: Located on a peninsula (esker) on the south shore of the St. Regis River just east of the St. Regis Mountain parking area.

Bent Spike: Located on the south shore of the St. Regis River about midway between Lower St. Regis Lake and the St. Regis Mountain parking area.

If my memory serves, all of these lean-tos have dirt floors. Also, even though they are on Paul Smith's College property, the property is under easement with NY State so the normal stand land use regulations apply (no tents inside of/adjacent to lean-tos, permits for groups larger than 9/stays longer than 3 nights, etc.).
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