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Originally Posted by rahchacha View Post
Around mid-June my brother and I are planning on canoing either the nine carries or seven carries route in St Regis. We both have 12 foot pack canoes. This will be a day trip for trout fishing and sightseeing/photography.

I have a bunch of questions which will help in planning a trip. Which route do you prefer, or what are the merits of each? What are the trails like on the portages (width, obstacles, mud, etc.)? Roughly how many lakes can we hit in one day? Any recommendations on websites or maps for reference? Would love to see some pics, we are really excited for this trip!
Personally, I'd allocate at least 5 days to fully enjoy the sightseeing, photography and fishing opportunities that those routes provide.

I caught a nice one at the crack of dawn on Clamshell! That won't happen on a day trip.
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