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For whatever it is worth, I like to make camp on Long, Little Long, or St. Regis and then make day trips to other ponds from there. Less time spent making and breaking camp & less stuff to carry between ponds, but of course I must then carry my canoe back to my base pond. Was on St. Regis a week or so ago; there were groups at three other sites on St. Regis, one on Green, and two on Fish. I suppose the area will be more heavily used the closer we get to July.

Good trails in the area, at least when the beaver have not flooded portions.

You can catch trout near the surface of St. Regis by trolling spoons or a clear lake wobbler with a fly or worm trailing, among other methods. I wonder, though, if the warm weather we've been having will soon be driving the fish deeper. I wish I had brought along my fly rod; there were good evening hatches with many fish rising.

I hope you have a great trip.
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