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Originally Posted by Alpine1 View Post
If going through Corinth isn't to far out of the way there's a guy there with hugh stacks of split firewood for sale....he always has several wheel borrows sitting full. From there you can make your way to Stony Creek and take back roads to South Johnsburgh rd and Rt8, we're running low or I'd offer some on your way by.
Thanks Alpine,
We will be coming from Northway exit 23, passing through Warrensburg, North Creek, and stopping at Thornbush RV Park for bait in Indian Lake, maybe they also sell firewood, but I can't remember.

Originally Posted by ScAtTeRbOnE View Post
Stewarts wood used to light and burn easily, but the last few bags (from different shops) were horrible to get lit and just smoldered. Has anyone else had these issues? It's super expensive now as well like $7+/bag. I'm going to check out the guy off of exit 15 or the one mentioned on 9N in Hadley with the mountains of wood, it's only a few minutes from my house.
Thanks Bone,
It's been hit or miss for me sometimes too, usually good, but sometimes not, and always expensive.

Thanks for the help.
Other ideas still welcome.
We're looking at about a 20 minute walk to our intended campsite, pulling jet sleds along a snowmobile trail.
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