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Oswegatchie in Early Spring

Just came across this thread. In 1988, using my Sawyer Autumn Mist solo boat, I went from Inlet to just above the Robinson River in early April, literally right after ice-out. I camped at the site near Pine Ridge. I will never forget that trip. I was the first one to sign the register that spring. Pieces of ice were still coming down the river. Of course, the lower river had very high water and was really wide. I remember paddling along one stretch not far from Inlet and hearing a scraping sound ahead. I couldn't see around a bend in the river because of the thick alder growth. Not knowing what was making the sound, I held in-place on the in-side of the river just below the bend and soon enough, a sizeable chunk of ice came around the bend at a pretty good clip, scraping the out-side of the river and passing by me. So, needless to say, I listened carefully for that sound as I continued upriver. Fortunately, I didn't encounter any more large pieces of ice. Although the paddling was harder because of the strong current, I was able to shortcut many of the curves. I was in for 9 days, with varying weather (sun, rain and snow) and didn't see anyone the entire time. Recently, I just scanned some of the 35mm slides I took during the trip:
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