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I belong to a club that is part of the easement lands in the northern part of the park, although we have many of our own issue that we are wrestling with right now to secure the future of the club, for the most part our membership has been fairly strong. The club was incorporated in 1953, although the camp has been there in one form or another since at least 1909.

Many of the nearby clubs have their membership issues, mostly because they tended to be fairly tight-knit and did not recruit younger members (family or otherwise) as they got older, so as the older members passed on - entire generations were missing to keep recruitment going. Our membership is about 20 people, mostly middle-aged, but with a good mix of older and younger people too. For the most part, its comprised of families, with sons/grandsons becoming members as they get old enough

One other thing to mention was that although the club was strictly a hunting club in prior years where there was use for just the hunting season, it is somewhat more used nowdays, as we'll make a trip or 2 to fish, complete camp chores, hide from the wives, etc. every year.

and your outhouse looks a lot better than ours

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