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Originally Posted by Old Rivers View Post
I used the term,"Far left" to describe those groups that refuse to compromise or give an inch. ATV's seem to be the only use left out of "multi use". Lands are purchased by NYS taxpayers for all to use responsibly.
And you have used the key phrase: "for ALL to use responsibly". As several of us have been trying to say here, even one irresponsible ATV rider can cause long lasting damage to fragile lands, and there are multiple examples of far more than just one irresponsible user. Even where they are found on hard packed logging roads, that doesn't seem to be off road enough and the muddy side trails become an irresistably inviting draw.

The power of a single ATV to do such damage is amplified many times once one has made its mark. Of course and unfortunately there are irresponsible hikers as well, but none with the damage potential of a rider on a machine inspired by some of the ATV sales commercials seen on TV.

That is why ATVs seem to be (and are) "left out".
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