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Hello All, Im back, best time to backpack is NOW !!!!!!!!!!!

hello my friendly hikers and backpackers.
Just got back from a trip of a life time, hiked many peaks, saw things that I though i would never see, meet people who were true to the heart, doing what a true backpacker and wilderness lover does best, being honest, and trustworthy. the best hike i had was the to the top of mt colden, I meet some people that knew what the meaning of life is, they made me believe in the word of others which i had lost lately, I only wish I got there last names.
so whos looking for a hiking bud ?? the trips wasn't only in the adirondacks, its was in many places in this great country, the one thing I didn't take on my trip which I missed the most off all was my friend, my buddy, and the one who was always there for me, popcorn, the last picture says it all. we will be reunited very soon. happy trails to you all. by the way, theres more to come..

peace to you all.
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