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I just got back from 4 days in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness. I went in from the southern approach and, at Justin's suggestion, visited Crab (Little Crab) Pond. Very intimate and secluded. As Justin has said, the site is small with room for one tent (I had no problem since I hammock camp). The trail in was fine except for multiple blowdowns at the first wet area that made crossing it somewhat difficult. I found the main problem with the site is access to good water. There's a lot of stuff floating in the pond and there's at least one resident beaver. I ended up walking back a little ways on the trail to a stream with clean water. I then went on to Pharaoh (east shore) trail and camped at the designated site between leantos 1 and 2. Although just off the trail, is a great site, right on the water, which made swimming and launching my pack raft easy. The only negative about camping there was the noisy, inconsiderate people camped at leanto #5; their constant calling out to each other and loud talking almost got me to move, but then I figured you have to expect this when camping at a popular spot in mid-summer. I was going to head to Whortleberry Pond for a couple of nights, but the weather turned for the worse and I couldn't locate the path to it. In both locations, the bugs were not bad. Surprisingly, I had no problem with mosquitoes or deer flies at Crab; only a problem with mosquitoes at Pharaoh in the evening when the wind died down. I never used the headnet and bug jacket that I brought; the Permethrin-treated clothing and a little repellent would do the trick.
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