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As a young kid I had a lot of fun hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, skiing, snowshoeing & exploring in the Pharaoh region. Still do at 42.
We ended up parking at Crane Pond parking area and hiking in past Crane Pond and Gilden Marsh. Mosquitos and deer flies were pretty bad but with head nets they were bearable. The heat sucked but it cooled down enough at night. We ended up hiking about 6 slow miles in and tent camping on the North side of Pharaoh Lake. Some minor blowdowns and flooded areas but nothing crazy. It was an absolutely beautiful spot to camp out. Amazingly there were zero bugs once camp was set up. Site was on the small side, barely enough for my Nemo Losi tent and not very level but well worth it. Site was spotless, someone had even left a small pile of firewood. We tied our Ursack bear bag 200 yards or so away and had no animal issues. My son enjoyed playing in the lake which was crystal clear. I couldn't believe how clear it was. Stars came out at night and you could see their reflection in the lake. Heard some loons which my son took for a ghost in the middle of the night, lots of bull frogs, and some Coyotes. We only saw about 4 other people over the 2 days we were there. 2 of which were headed back to their car saying the bugs were too bad around the lake. My experience was that the bugs were way worse in the woods. We explored around Pharoah lake and hiked out the next day. All in all we did about 15 miles. Pretty good for his first trip. We will definitely come back in cooler weather.

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