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Building a Continent-Wide Map of Canoe Routes

The Map
Several years ago, I created a Google Map with several Northeast canoe routes on it, and finding it recently I thought it might be useful to others.

Everyone should be able to find out how to paddle from their neighborhood to either ocean. Hopefully, this will help.

What you can do

1.) Add new routes: Currently, most of the routes are in Maine. It can fit 19,890 more routes. Please don't delete any. Maine to Labrador to Alaska, go for it.

Red for known routes
Purple for exploratory or wishful thinking
Blue for water trails, like the NFCT

put "Added by" or "Edited by _______" and the date in route Comments.

2.) Edit existing ones: Every line is rough, and can be shifted to better fit the terrain, portages added, etc, other data. The map is full of errors.

3.) Share with Others: Just forward this email to them.

4.) Use it: for program or personal trip planning, or to distract yourself during the winter.
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