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Originally Posted by MaximusFunk24 View Post
Do the wooden skis have a plastic looking base or is it wood with black pine tar on it? If its pine tar, those skis will be a lot more work to maintain and you may want to start out on the blue ones. Hope you have fun!

Also, the "baskets" have broken off the bottom of your poles, which might lead to an unpleasant ski experience if you are going in snow that isnt already packed down. I have rigged up some makeshift ones with a bent coat hanger and some zip ties that lasted for a few trips.

wooden skis do have what appears to be pine tar base,
I saw online whats involved in redoing pine tar base, as long as I can buy pine tar, I don't mind the work, I have made pine tar myself, in small batches, but just gathering that much pine is a pain, and messy.
probably a project for next season, wont get it done in time this year
the blue skis would be more practical but the wooden skis have my attention and would really like to keep them in use, and not just as display piece
as for the baskets, I have downhill ski equipment, so have extra poles/baskets around
to start I would take it easy, using existing trails, short distances etc.
but would like to use it on my land in upstate NY, have 50 acres that borders state land with an abandoned railroad that's a winter time snowmobile trail.
will eventually start using that trail with the xc skis
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