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Somethings I have learned

A mountain I didn't see in this thread is Moosehead. Although I believe it's private. As for Cathead, it's unreachable. I studied the tax maps of these towers. The begining to the trail for Cathead is blocked by a property called the Thomas Gang. They won't even alow you to park there. If you bushwhack to the summit you will run into the Hatchbrook Sportsmen Club. The tower is inside this property. Apparently the tower itself is owned by the DEC. The property owners are unhappy with the state prohibiting motor vehicle access to their property. So they restricted our access to the tower.

Dunn Brook Mountain was once owned by Finch Paper. Now the property is called Upper Hudson Woodlands which is a new easment. This is all according to some reaserch I have done on the internet. I would double check.
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