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Dave B
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Bump up an old thread...

One thing that hasn't been mentioned...Many (most?) people starting out climbing start going with a friend or two.

If you are good climbing buddies, a good way to start a rack is have one guy buy wired nuts, and the other a couple cams, and each of you buy a few draws, runners, free biners, etc.

A full rack of wires, 2-3 cams and hexes will get you up a surprising number of easy-moderate routes. Learn to trust tying off trees and natural chockstones.

A few advantages: Cheaper start-up, a chance to play around with gear that's not yours, so you can see if you like it before you buy it, and, as you build a climbing relationship with your buddy, and you BOTH develop full-blown trad racks, you will also have doubles of important sizes, so if you go climb a long, sustained single-size crack, or go off to do a long route, you'll have the necessary gear.

At least, that's how it went for me
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