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Originally Posted by rADK View Post
DVC looks great, how does buying one of the camps work though? What if a camp owner ends their membership, or the club someday ends its overall lease?
That is the risk you take on a recreational lease, just ask those on the former Finch-Pruyn lands. Some friends of mine just joined a club and they built camps that they can move on a flatbed if needed. I believe 500 sq/ft is the max for a camp size.

I'm lucky to be part of small camp that sleeps 6 guys very comfortably. It's on 50 acres and adjoins state land, and is very similar to what I had growing up at a camp my Dad took care of. Unfortunately, there aren't too many small pieces of property out there like this. But, this current camp, tent camps, leases, lean-tos, they're all good. You just need to find what works for you. If you want to use an ATV, forget state land.
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