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Favorite Snowshoe hike in ADKs

Ok team, I realize the title is too broad:

I am wondering what your favorite winter hikes are in the Southern ADKs? Tomorrow is my birthday and I do not want to work. I want to play hooky and be in the mountains! We won't have time to do something in the HPs, unfortunately.

Thinking about Crane MT, just outside of North creek, Johnsburg, etc.

Whete else should I consider Pharaoh MT? Sleeping Beauty? We have extensive mountaineering experience in favorable weather, and some experience snowshoeing in the winter. We will be prepared with layers, water filtration, map/compass, whistle, micro spikes, MSR Ascents, even a watch... all that.

Qs is... where should we go? Looking at southern ADKs. Like, Lake George Wild Forest area, North Creek, Schroon, etc. something with an hour (or an hour and a half) from the Albany area.

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