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If you look at the coverage maps provided by the carriers themselves, Verizon has widest coverage into remote(r) areas of the Daks (at least compared to Cingular/Sprint and T-Mobile). In fact thats why I went with them. Mountain top reception usually pretty good. When we camp at Paradox Lake I cant get any reception unless I take the Kayak out into the lake or drive into Schroon lake (which has very good service). My teenage kids have also figured out you can get reception if you stand at the right side of the end of the boat dock!

Weather or atmospheric conditions has a lot to do with "one bar or no bar" reception.
I was actually able to make a call from Marcy Dam one night in June.

I had a client call me once while I was heading down ADK Loj road. Sounded like they were next door. But there are lots of areas where you just don't get reception.

Check out the detailed coverage maps. For verizon at least, I found it pretty accurate.
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