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Mr. Rower,

I have built a few sheet caned seats, always with disappointing results. The cane, if it does not stretch excessively, with almost surely crack along the edge of the wooden frame where the caning deflection is greatest.
I have abandoned using sheet cane long ago. For a pretty boat such as yours, I have used synthetic snow show lacing, and woven it through holes drilled in the seat frame. You might want to use your existing seat frame as a pattern, and make another seat frame that would be laced with the neoprene snow shoe lacing. I have a couple of boats that I built over 25 years ago, and these seats and their lacing have survived quite well.
Not as pretty, but just as effective, I have also laced seat frames with braided nylon rope, around 3/16 inch diameter works well. These nylon cord laced seats are comfortable, do not sag, and do not degrade through the years. I have another couple of boats that I built about 15 years ago, again, these seats are surviving quite well.

Quite often, those pretty features such as caned seats, leather straps and brass plaques look nice on a boat, but are not really practical for a boat that will be used frequently.
Keep us posted on your decision...
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