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rachelsdad 10-12-2017 10:45 AM

Middle Saranac
Four of us going up tomorrow. Weather looks ok.

Originally going to go from Floodwood Pond to Fish Creek to Upper Saranac, spend night, head to Middle on Saturday but one of the group thought it too much.

So now we are going to put in at Rt 3. Any suggestions for which island camp site? Lean to at Weller Pond?

We will putz around a bit on Friday, fishing, hitting streams and the same for Sat am followed by a climb of Ampersand.

Never been there, any recommendations would be appreciated.

rachelsdad 10-12-2017 11:17 AM

I need to apologize.

Typically the other forums I am on have such dreadful search engines I typically don't bother.

This forums search is excellent. Gleaned a lot of good info, after I posted :-)

But I'll still take any suggestions.

Any trout in the brooks? Halfway, McKenna?

snapper 10-12-2017 01:15 PM

rachelsdad - It's been a while since I've been on Middle Saranac but the last few times I was there, I never ran into any trout. Northern pike and largemouth bass were the order of the day. You may find different results in the brooks but the main lake was essentially a warm water fishery in the past.

That's all for now. Take care, enjoy your trip and until next well.


rachelsdad 10-12-2017 08:57 PM

Thanks snapper,

I expected as least 3 of 4 will enjoy the fishing.

58rover 10-13-2017 11:53 AM

During summer reservations are required for staying on Middle Saranac / Weller pond. I'm not sure if that is same in fall.

rachelsdad 10-15-2017 03:05 PM

After Oct 10th not needed,

After partially unloading at site 80 PV looked at his Backcountry app, there was a lean to indicated at next site. We stayed at site 81. Nice site, short lean to, very choppy going in Friday, lots of whitecaps and waves breaking over bow and starboard side.

Ended up not going to Ampersand, too much fun poking about with much lighter boats yesterday.

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