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malexander 05-20-2019 10:39 PM

A couple nights in the WCLW

Short Story:
A wonderful trip! The number of Loons I saw far exceeded the number of people. The black flies were low in strength and did not require any evasive or defensive maneuvers.

Long Story:
I've been in serious need of some peace and solitude so I planned an overdue long weekend in the back country. Told the boss not to look for me on Monday and made plans to get out to what should be a quiet area for a couple nights.

Made it to Piseco trailhead by 7:30 Saturday morning and methodically trekked in to West Lake, stopping only to have lunch with the loons on Spruce Lake. The weather was gorgeous so miles just flew by. The trail was in good spring condition (i.e. muddy) up to the Jessup with plenty of winter blow down thereafter. I knew early season would mean wet and muddy boots and a little more work so this didn't bother me.

By the time I got to West Lake Lean-To I had had enough fun so I called it an early day around 3:30. Anything more likely would've been type 3 fun. :evil: and why pass up such a view! I spent my time with camp chores, relaxation, and watching the bobber float motionless between pages of my book. The rest of the evening was spent drying my boots by the fire, indulging in my IPA and enjoying the sunset.Shortly before sunset a Cornell PHD student joined me. He had hiked all the way in from Mason Lake area after discovering the road was closed :banghead:. His ignorance was permissible since it was only his second time in the Adirondacks.

I woke up in the middle of the night to see that the clouds had given way to the full moon. It was super bright!

I knew from the forecast that Sunday might be interesting. This was reinforced when I saw the wind change direction twice within a couple hours :eh?: The day was sunny and humid but still quite enjoyable.

Making tracks I headed to the main objective of the weekend: Brook Trout Lake. I had heard many good things about it and they all may be selling it short. What a gorgeous place! I really wish I had more time to enjoy it..... oh wait I mean it was terrible. A complete dump! Who in their right mind would ever go there ;) The rest of my day was spent working up a sweat trying to make it back to Spruce Lake before the weather. Barely made it!

Arrived at Spruce Lake #3 under a few light raindrops and rumbles in the distance. I collapsed into the empty Lean-To and spent some quality time recovering from my efforts. A light thunderstorm soon passed through but I knew it wasn't the main event. Near or distant, the thunder would not completely stop until after midnight.

Around 7pm I was looking out over a glass calm Spruce Lake, listening to distant thunder, when I saw the front come barreling over the ridge. It was impressive and fun to watch yet reminded me of my own frailty as a man.

My exit Monday morning was super wet after the heavy rain overnight. The Jessup River would have been a bit of a challenge had my boots not already been completely soaked.

Tick Magnet 05-21-2019 07:56 AM


Originally Posted by malexander (Post 274709)

The number of Loons I saw far exceeded the number of people.



Great TR! Thanks for sharing in your adventures.

I absolutely loved the last photo. Definitely puts things in perspective.

Bark Eater Too 05-21-2019 08:51 AM

Thank you for sharing. Sounds and looks like a wonderful weekend. I am so glad for you that you avoided the black flies. I too think that last picture of the front is very impressive!

Justin 05-21-2019 06:06 PM

West Lake sunsets are the best! :thumbs:
How’s Louie’s fireplace doing?

malexander 05-21-2019 07:32 PM


Originally Posted by Justin (Post 274729)
West Lake sunsets are the best! :thumbs:
How’s Louie’s fireplace doing?

Still lookin good. I couldn't help but visit it and offer him a sip of my whiskey. :boozing:

MoodyBlues 05-22-2019 12:04 AM

very nice TR and great pics!!! i am partial to sunset pics, but the last pic is a once-in-a-lifetime...

georgecarr 05-22-2019 02:22 PM

Very cool. One of my favorite places in the Adirondacks.

TrailBlaser 05-23-2019 01:37 AM

Fantastic trip report and photos, particularly the last one. Makes me look forward to this weekend even more. Thanks for posting.

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