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05-15-2007, 08:52 AM
Thought I would post this here as some of you don't get to Tim's site, ADK High Peaks. I noticed Dick had mentioned the storm damage in the Catskills and this tr will serve as an update.

Thanks to Joann and Dick for their showing us the way to the high point in the Helderbergs earlier in the month. It was great fun enjoying the hills with two very nice people. We have crashed about all over the northeast including doing the 115 and New england A.T. but for some reason paid little attention to southern NY. It appears we missed a lot of potentially excellent hiking. Closing in on a thousand different mountains it proves there is much more out there and you can not do it all. try as you might. Thanks guys, we enjoyed your company and if you get out west look us up.

Now to Windham. I spoke with the ranger, Frank Parks of the Stamford DEC office on Friday May 11th. He reported the trail from rte 23 in East Windham to Windham was cleared the day before and is now opened, though the trail closed sign had not yet been taken down. He said ignore the closed sign as it is open. With this info we followed the trail to the summit. True the closed sign remained posted near the Elm Ridge lean-to.

It was amazing to see the massive piles of cut up trees stacked up along the trail. The route is clear its entire length and snow free. All in all great day good views and enjoyable hike.

The damage appeared to be spread out. The Norway Spruce area is still pretty dark but a lot of tops came down. The ground in that section is covered with boughs. It seems the forest service spread those over the wet areas. It was pleasant walking through there. Kind of like a Lord of The Rings dismal forest.

It seems the hardwoods higher up took the brunt of it. As I recall you gain a little under a thousand feet before reaching the Norway Spruce. About two-three hundred feet above that is where it seemed to be more extensive. On the upper portions of the ridge, perhaps 1-200 feet below the summit it appeared as if every tree was broken high up, like branches 30-40 feet above ground. Obviously not nearly as bad but it reminded me of the ridge line at Norway Pass on Mt St Helens. There every tree was sheared off where its height reached that of the ridge top. Like I said not nearly that bad or destructive, but that is what we thought of when nearing the summit ridge of Windham

Wed we head to Ohio and by the 24th we expect to be in Olympia Wa. The new house is almost done so it is time to get to it. Looks like the next hike will be Mt Townsend 6280' in the Olympics. I got 46 summits on my to do list for a start. 46! nice round number I can see old habits are hard to break.