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01-13-2007, 03:11 PM
Not quite the ADK's but I did some bobcat tracking in Shelburne VT which is on the edge of Lake Champlain across from the Adks. (I could see the HP's across the lake from where this photo was taken).
It was 12/31 we had a few inches of snow. I knew of a rocky outcrop area which is a well known Bobcat habitat. I spotted a Hare as soon as I entered the area and thought that was a good sign, sure enough I found lots of bobcat tracks. Some of the tracks looked like they had 5 toes & thats because a Bobcat will usually step on the fore print with the hind paw when walking.
I also found the remains of a deer scattered throughout the woods. I doubt this was killed by a bobcat.

01-13-2007, 07:12 PM
Nice pics.

It's not that unusual for bobcats to kill deer in the NE. Friends & I sometimes find a deer killed by bobcat. One year, we found three in the same general area, but that is unusual. Without snow- the only real way to tell is, when the deer was killed recently. Bobcats will always begin feeding in the "ahem" area between the hind quarters(other animals don't have that habit) and attempt to bury (not completely, or heavily) the deer after feeding. Usually, it doesn't take to long for another opportunist, such as- bear or, coyotes to move in and take over the kill & scatter the remains. Ravens & fishers scatter the remains, too. Oops, left out that there'll be strangulation marks on the deers neck, for it to be a bobcat kill, too.

To catch one on camera would be quite the feat!