View Full Version : Identify this creature ?

Glen L
07-23-2006, 09:43 PM
Any entomologists out there ?
Wife & I were @ Curtis Pond few days ago. It's in Cranberry Lake Wild Forest @ approx 1800 ft. She spotted something we've never seen before. On still surface of pond surrounded by 100's of bettle-like water striders was what appeared to be a small, white, feathery "thing", perhaps 1cm. in diameter. It began spinning around & shooting out strands of a white, milky substance that quickly dissapated. But each "shot" immediately turned into an oil slick on the water's surface, reflecting many colors from the sunlight. Have seen these mini-slicks before but never noticed where they came from. In any event the water striders were attacking this "creature" & the milky shots seemed to be some type of defense. Every few seconds another strider would dash in & try to grab ahold of the "feather" who continued to spin around & shoot out it's defensive shots. (like some Discovery channel moment w/ the helpless victim being surrounded & attacked by a pack of hyenas) Finally one of the striders semmed to inhale the creature & the drama was over.
Can anyone explain this or did we get too much sun ?