View Full Version : 2012 Work schedule for Mt Adams fire tower

12-27-2011, 10:38 AM
In an attempt to make it as easy as possible to plan in advance I have put together this year’s work dates and tentative itinerary. I have also tried to not conflict with scheduled 46r trail work days assuming that there schedule will be similar to the dates they had in 2011.
I look forward to completing the restoration effort on the tower this year. The remaining years on our Adopt a Natural Resource Agreement will hopefully be spent doing normal maintenance, trail work and possible re-route.
There are several contingencies that I cannot plan on at this time that will most likely be confirmed on short notice due to weather and other considerations. This includes the possible air-drop / air-lift of supplies and debris removal. I will definitely need help with this and hope that I can find some volunteers that will be available last minute and most likely mid week.
With any luck at all we will be able to airlift the concrete we need to restore one of the footings on the tower. Otherwise we will need a whole bunch of folks willing to carry 8-10 lbs of concrete to the top, surely this would be no more difficult than bringing the 42 stair treads up a couple years ago :D
Please consider setting aside a day or two to be a part of our volunteer project. I need your help.
Here are the dates and tentative plans for 2012

Saturday May 19th - Initial trail work and tower inspection. Though we did a thorough clearing and side cutting after Irene I have heard that there has been subsequent blow down I do not anticipate a lot but would like to get in during chainsaw season.
Please keep in mind that the suspension bridge over the Hudson is down and that the bridge over Lake Jimmy has also had report of damage after Irene.
Saturday June 2nd – We will complete the work on the cab including installation of the last couple of windows and reinforcing the floor. I figure best to work high during early black fly season.
Saturday June 16th – Rain date for 6/2

Saturday June 30th - Railings and Fencing

Saturday July 7th - Rain Date for 6/30

Saturday and Sunday July 14 – 15 concrete footings formed and poured

Saturday and Sunday July 28-29th Rain date for 7/14-15

Saturday August 11th – replace select boards on landings

Saturday September 8th - final clean up and trail side cutting.

Please send me a PM or post the days that you can join us so I can plan accordingly.
Thank you in advance for your help and support.