View Full Version : Last Work Date for Mt. Adams This year

08-13-2011, 10:45 PM
When I put out the schedule for work dates on the tower I had put Saturday September 3rd as the last official work date. I was hoping that it being Labor day weekend we could get a nice turnout.
This last day will be 99% low tech grunt work as we finish moving all the remaining debris from the construction to the area just north west of the tower for the airlift. PARidgerunner and Muddybottom knocked off a lions share of this already but I could really use a good size group to finish up.
I would also like to have a little celebratory BBQ at the end of the day for the volunteers.
My Questions:

1. Who can attend 9/3
2. Who would be able to make it on 9/10 instead.